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Does Evolution Refute Purpose?

Objection: Evolution shows that organs do not have an inherent purpose.  We know that organs are the product of random mutation and natural selection – neither of which are directed toward some goal. Those with certain organs tended to be more conducive to survive than others and that’s all there is to it.

Response: Evolution doesn’t assign a purpose because it’s built not to look for purpose from the get-go. The goal of evolution has been to discover the efficient cause of life, not its teleology. If an organ like the heart was caused by random mutation and natural selection (R&N), this doesn’t entail that R&N can’t cause the heart to have the purpose of pumping blood through your circulatory system. For something to have a purpose, all that’s required is that it have a function or regular tendency toward a certain outcome. Under this definition purpose need not be driven by some conscious agent but can be completely unconscious.  Read More »