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Should Christians Be Political?

Some people ask me: “Why are you so political?” or “Why are you so religious?” And I retort back with this: Because I’m made for truth, so I love truth. It’s only the truth that sets people free and that truth is Jesus Christ. I’ll speak the truth even if my voice goes unheeded. The prophets of old spoke even when they knew it wouldn’t change the Israelites’ hearts. Naturally then, knowing and speaking the truth is valuable in God’s eyes regardless of whether it changes anyone. In fact, I leave the changing of hearts completely up to God.

Sometimes I’ll get political because as a Christian, I believe only the gospel saves and the government can only conserve. I hear people say, “Stop being political. Stick to Jesus.” But it’s precisely because I am a Christian that I am a conservative. People are enslaved or deceived by the idea that the government can fix our problems. I am being political only in the negative sense, which is to point out what the government can not do. A conservative wants limited government because it’ll let politics stay in the background of our lives as much as possible so that we can focus on obeying Jesus’ commands.  Read More »