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A Secular Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage

I know it’s considered unpopular, bigoted, and homophobic to be against SSM these days, but before you shut your ears, please hear me out and at least think about these questions: Why should the government be in the marriage business in the first place? If we remove marriage altogether, homosexuals and heterosexuals still have the freedom to love and be committed to each other. Why is a relationship license a basic human right but a friendship license is not a basic human right? I made this article for my political science class and even my Professor, who turned out to be in a gay relationship, said “Very nice paper, Gil. Well researched and argued.” So if a lesbian can hear me out, then maybe you can too.

What Is Marriage?

In response to the Supreme Court’s recent approval of same-sex marriage (SSM), those in favor of traditional marriage (TM) have argued that “before we can conclude that some marriage policy violates the Equal Protection Clause, or any other moral or constitutional principle, we have to determine what marriage actually is and why it should be recognized legally in the first place.” For example, TM supporters point out that someone cannot claim a right to life without knowing what life is and why human life in particular has a “right” to life when plants do not. The same principle applies to marriage; heterosexuals and homosexuals must justify why they have a right to marriage. Consequently, TM advocates argue that no right can be something society subjectively invents (otherwise rights can be changed to allow for murder and other crimes), but rather something society objectively discovers. In other words, this objection can be outlined in the following way: Read More »