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Why Brute Facts Are Impossible

There is a common trend in the atheist community to posit brute facts as plausible alternatives to other explanatory facts, especially with regard to the universe. For there to be a fact that plausibly requires God as an explanation is almost out of the question. Plausibility is therefore reduced to a predisposed preference for possible alternatives that are contrary to a theistic conclusion. Consequently, any premise that would otherwise be regarded as plausible, intuitive, rational and metaphysically true beyond reasonable doubt are themselves subject to scrutiny once it is seen that irrational doubt is necessary to avoid God’s existence. This is demonstrably seen through atheistic responses to arguments like the KCA (e.g, denial of the causal principle) or the LCA (e.g, denial of the PSR or of the universe’s contingency). In other cases, they may attempt to deny the explanatory¬Ě power of God altogether. Read More »