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Why I Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection

Jesus’ resurrection is the most radical claim that any religion has ever made about God. The idea that God would become a man in order to suffer the most humiliating death is difficult to believe. Now we take it for granted because it is a story we hear all of the time, but back then it would’ve been a stunning claim and it still should be received as such. Crucifixion is described by Josephus to be “the most wretched of deaths.” It’s not terrible merely because it is the most painful, it is terrible because it is also the most shameful. I believe the shame aspect of Jesus’ death is the most significant part of his suffering. His divine honor was replaced with utter inferiority and derision. You have the son of the highest king being brought before men to die. The very act of crucifixion was a ritual intended to strip you of honor. Nailing your arms and legs to the cross, for example, represented a total loss of power. This is significant given that this is the almighty God that we’re talking about here.  Read More »