I’m very pleased to report that one of our atheist friends at our BibleTalk group just converted from atheism to agnosticism! This is a major step toward theism and I just couldn’t be more happier with how God seems to be using this group to accomplish mind blowing things. It’s exactly what I hoped it to be! Please continue praying for us as we look to expand this ministry.


Being As Transcendental

Being is a transcendental and any actual/potential thing must share that attribute in some form. For example, the genus “cats” may have various species within its genus but each one analogically share in common that same genus (or type) even if they’re not univocally the same as the other species within that genus. Being is similar to a “genus” but unlike “cats” which can be subsumed under another genus (e.g, it’s a mammal), Being cannot be subsumed under any other genus. Hence, why it must be considered a “transcendental” under scholastic metaphysics. Following this line of reasoning, we can apply this to God, who is understood as “Pure Act”. That which is purely actual cannot have potential in its being, either in its composition or in its essence (refer to the essence/existence, act/potency, and matter/form distinctions) by definition. Thus its being (essence) would simply be its act of being (existence) and its form would simply be its form.

If being had any divisible parts in its being then its parts could not equal the sum: cats + dogs =/= being in a univocal sense. To suggest this to be the case would require us to think that all beings are equivalent to cats + dogs, which would also require us to think that cats and dogs are univocally the same being. This is self-evidently absurd. Such things are sets of “a” genus, not the sets of “the” genus. Now, the perfection of being is pure actuality, which no other thing can possibly posses. And anything other than Pure Act cannot exist apart from it giving an act of being to such potential beings. Furthermore, in accord to the law of proportionate causality, a cause cannot give what it does not have. In which case, every effect that God produces must be analogically present in Himself. Thus, if God is Being, then He cannot be composed of any parts or He could not be God.


St Francis of Assisi & His Prophecy

St Francis of Assisi is a highly regarded servant of God who lived from 1181 – 1226. Like any rich kid, he lived a prosperous lifestyle of sin at the beginning of his years thanks to his rich father who made a living from selling silk. While going to war in 1204 for glory, he had a vision from God that said he got everything wrong so he went back to Assisi on the second day. Because of his withdrawal, he was mocked, shamed, and called a coward. His dad was not any happier with him because the “golden armor” that was bought for Francis went to waste.

Around 25 years later he received another message from the Lord who said “Francis, repair my church.” He took this to mean the crumbling local church he was in and without thought sold his garment to cover the costs for repairing it. His father was enraged and treated this as an act of theft. So he dragged his son to the bishop and demanded that all the money be returned while renouncing all rights as his heir. With the belief that the Lord would provide, Francis stripped himself of everything except his hair shirt. He went out in the freezing woods and robbers beat him up and stole his clothes while throwing him in a ditch. 

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