Infographic: Science & Religion, Are They Compatible?


The only issue of difficulty here is evolution, but this is only a part of the ‘findings’ of modern science. I’m not sure what qualifies as “denying the findings of modern science” here, but it seems as if they took a more moderate interpretation of Genesis in order to hold this view. Not that this is necessarily bad, even St Augustine held similar views long before evolution’s debut, but it just shows that this is a little more complicated. However, I think the main point can be sustained since science is not just evolution but is a collective methodology that incorporates various discoveries. Nothing about that is strictly incompatible with theology as a discipline that studies truths about God. And it is not at all immediately obvious that there is one definitive interpretation of Genesis at this moment as there are some formidable scholars that take a different approach.

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Ditchard Rawkins: Lincolnism as Indoctrination

Ditchard Rawkins

Clearly proof of Lincoln’s non-existence, anyone who doesn’t see this is deluded. Belief in Lincoln is the product of faith, tradition, and authority, which do not substantiate his existence but shows it to be a mere invention of man. As Ditchard Rawkins brilliantly points out, there is no such thing as a lincolnist child: only a child of lincolnist parents. Many supporters of Lincoln point to his signature as proof that he existed, but this is obviously just a Lincoln of the Gaps argument. You’re appealing to some gap in history to suggest that it is best explained by Lincoln’s existence, but such reasoning has been thoroughly refuted by science. Even if we cannot find an explanation for it now, there will come a more plausible explanation in the future. 

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Why I Love Philosophy

Philosophy is a world full of wonder, of ideas, and of mind puzzling problems. You can spend a lifetime in search of its truths and yet feel as if you are as ignorant as when you first started. It illuminates common sense principles and transforms them into abstract concepts that are beyond what we commonly experience but of which can be justified through our common experience. Systems of thought have been created from these principles (notably Aristotle and Aquinas) by making subtle distinctions and organizing them in such a cohesive way that one principle is shown to follow from the other. It is like a well built city, structured in such a way that every function of the city will work together to fulfill the good of the society. Nothing is more breathtaking than putting together the pieces of this system of thought and applying it in such a way that it becomes a citadel with monumental walls of steel.

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Movie Review: Break Away (World Films)

Synopsis: The main character, Francois, is a hard working husband who worked as a marketing manager only to get laid off from his job due to the recession. For a couple of months, he travels to different companies offering various proposals that get rejected because there was a lack of funding. He’s then forced to use an old bicycle with the work that he can get to deliver packages for companies. With the help of some good friends, he manages to change his life through his faith and perseverance in a race to the finish line. 

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