As slaves of Christ, we’re here to serve your needs. None of you need to do this alone. Even if you’re a skeptic, we welcome any questions that you may have. It’s our sincere desire to bear your burden (Galations 6:2), no matter what it may be. All personal questions will never be disclosed to the public unless we receive prior permission to do so. Just a simple prayer request or a simple “hello” can go a long way in building our relationship with you. It doesn’t matter how bad or how stupid you think you are, all we want to do is help you. But please, as a matter of principle, be sure to ask God before you ask us. He knows your needs much more than we do. We are not perfect so we need your suggestions whenever you think something is not right. Remember, we’re more than just your friends, we are your family.

Ask and you shall receive:

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