When I first heard about Apple Music I wasn’t excited because I already had Spotify and it worked great. But Apple Music has really grown on me. The “For You” curated playlists section is dead on for my tastes (feels more personal) and it’s fun to browse. Each artist or album has custom colors on its page, which I think looks elegant. Unifying my downloaded music with my streaming music is just what I needed. There’s significantly more music on here than Spotify. But it could be much better.

I’m not happy that I need to tap twice in order to add a song to my library when it’s done with one tap in Spotify. They got space to add that functionality. Apple seems to be slipping a little in terms of keeping the GUI simple. When I’m on my lock screen, it has a share button instead of an add song to music library button. It should be the opposite. And I shouldn’t need to hit “Available Offline” for every single artist or album that I want available offline. I should at least have the option to do that for all the songs I add to my library. Another feature that seems like a no-brainer is displaying the lyrics for songs that you’re playing. I’m not sure why they didn’t add this one.

I’m wondering whether the “@Connect” network is going to take off or if it’ll be another failure like Ping was. It’s a good start but it could be so much more. Imagine adding Last.FM’s capabilities with beautiful Apple-like graphs to show you and your friends what you listen to. Those who’ve listened to an artist a certain number of times could get some reward or exclusive access. Apple Music should have a “Friends For You” section to help you meet people with similar tastes! They also need to be able to share curated playlists like Spotify does.  Now THAT’S a social network worth having and Apple Music would be 10x better for implementing it.

Despite the lacking these features, I think Apple is off to a good start and I’m planning to switch to Apple Music. Spotify still has the upper hand on Apple in terms of student discounts, large amount of playlists, and a better design in areas but it doesn’t have that personal feel that I think Apple is beginning to fully develop.