So, let me explain why I’m not a Calvinist. Let’s take several key assumptions that I think most people could agree on:

p1: God’s essence is goodness itself (1 John 1:5); which entails He is the greatest possible good.

p2: God always wills things for His own sake (Isaiah 48:11) because He cannot will anything greater than Himself

p3: By nature all men (and all created things) have God as their chief end – which constitutes their good (Colossians 1:16)

p4: All men have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)

p5: Only God can save man from His depraved state (Ephesians 2:8-9)

p6: Salvation is infinitely good for human nature because it involves God fulfilling our chief end with Himself. Damnation is infinitely evil because we are deprived of our chief end. (Mark 8:36)

p7: God can only will that which is good and cannot will evil unless He perceives there is some good purpose for which it is permitted (Genesis 50:20)

Now, let’s see what the implications of these assumptions are:

1. If Calvinism is true then it is feasible (not just possible) for God to actualize a world in which all men are freely but irresistibly saved – or they are created such that they never reject God.

2. But according to Calvinism some men reject God and are deprived of their good.

3. If Calvinism is true then God must will that in some instances, damnation is a greater good.

4. But this is impossible because there is no greater good than God Himself.  [p1-p6]

5. Therefore Calvinism is false.

To put it another way, it is obvious that God created us for Himself and therefore He is our highest possible good. God, who is all powerful, could will all to choose Him or could at the least will to save all. The divine will always wills the good, which is Himself. Even in the act of permitting what is evil, He does so for the sake of some good. Since God willed that we have Him as our chief end, it is impossible for Him not to will Himself for us. After all, it can never be good for us to be deprived of God because that is intrinsic to our nature. Nor is it possible for God to will otherwise because there would need to be some greater or equivalent good to Himself – which is impossible by definition.  Therefore, contrary to Calvinism, it is not possible for God to will our damnation.