I know I haven’t blogged in some time and I make no apologies for that, but now that I got a break from school I’ll do some more posting whenever I got something interesting to write on. The break is a great time for me because I get to work on what I enjoy the most. So here are a couple of things that I plan to do:

l. History of Ancient Philosophy (Mini-Course Series)

I’ll be starting a mini-course series on ancient philosophy. They’ll be partly based on the class notes I received from Feser during class but I’ll be adding my own content as well. It’s going to be a broad summary of the ideas that some of the key philosophers held to in order to introduce people to the subject.

ll. Philosophy Reading

I plan to read “An Introduction to Philosophy” by Daniel Sullivan. It’s purported to be one of the best and clearest explanations of Aristotelian-Thomism (A-T) around. While I’m not an absolute beginner, I always feel like I’m just beginning to understand the depths of Aquinas’ system of thought. If I can understand it to the point that I can explain its ideas simply and clearly for the benefit of others, then I can safely move on to the more complex ideas.

lll. Preparing for Next Semester

I’ll be taking an English 1A and Math 7A class next semester. It’s almost a miracle that I passed the two math classes that I took this semester. I have no intention of forgetting that material so I plan to use Khan Academy (or Great Courses) to help me retain and better understand the concepts. For English I’ll be reading “The Elements of Style” to elevate my writing skills. It’s also going to be important that I get down some memory techniques from “Memorize the Faith!”

lV. Personal Development

As a sinful and finite creature, I have many areas that need to be worked on. Nothing beats prayer and regular reading of the Word, but I’m also going to be reading “Overcoming Sin & Temptation” by John Owens. More physically, I’ll be trained by a friend to help me gain some weight through muscle-building. At a personal level, I need to fully overcome shyness (little by little, I have) and become more bold in my conversation with others. It’s something I’ll mostly learn by experience, but Art of Manliness has some good articles on it and “How to Win Friends & Influence People” seem like good places to start.

V. Fun Stuff

I’ll be reading some Marvel comics (e.g, Ultron, Captain America, etc), per the suggestion of professor Feser. I’m not much of a gamer, but I’ll be playing Pheonix Wright and Spiderman Unlimited on my free time. I’ll also be watching an anime called Parasite that my friend Justin recommended. Everything else above is more important, so if needed, I’ll sacrifice some of my “fun” time for other things that need to get done.