Nasa Telescope Captures the Hand of God

Not literally His hand, but it’s nicknamed the ‘hand of God':

The astronomers who captured this image with a NASA space telescope call it the “Hand of God.”

What the image shows is a pulsar wind nebula, a dying star and the cloud of materials left over from the star after it exploded. The particles are interacting with nearby magnetic fields, causing the particles to glow in the image, according to NuSTAR.

It’s a beautiful image that should put us in awe of God’s creation. Imagine being able to see that with your own eyes without the limitations of the telescope. I see some red eyes in between the fingers though. Does anyone see else that? Kinda freaky. I’ve seen some articles attempt to ask whether this proves the existence of God but come on, it definitely doesn’t prove any such thing. Now could this be a sign from God? Maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time God has used the stars as signs (Matt 2:2). There will be even signs in the stars for the end times (Luke 21:25). But even if it is a sign, I’m not sure what it is supposed to be telling us. Perhaps it pertains to judgement? Who knows.


  1. God was obviously giving the universe a high five for being such a bro.

  2. Absolutely beautiful image! I think personally the human brain is hardwired to look for patterns in chaos/randomness. So I’m skeptical about people thinking it is a deliberate message. It’s also funny because you mentioned how amazing it would be to see this through your own eyes without a telescope. I remember when I first moved to New Zealand I was amazed by the incredible view I got on the train to Uni. Now, 10 years down the line, that view inspires no such awe – I’ve got so used to it, it’s just a part of the everyday routine now. I wonder if you were able to see sights like this picture for ETERNITY…..would it still retain it’s majesty?

    • Indeed, it is hardwired to find patterns! The constellations are proof of that. Sometimes I look up at a rough ceiling and I start to see various objects. The human mind is interesting! Yeah dude, it really is beautiful. Perfect for a wallpaper. That’s a good point though, I’ve always thought about how we tend to get so used to something that it becomes an every day routine. As children, I think we had a much greater sense of wonder than we do when we become adults. It’s a good question… I think ultimately, God is such a creative God that it is highly likely that every day will be unique. More importantly though, I think heaven will be about the “greatness” of God Himself, which I believe we could never grow tired of since His greatness is infinite in comparison to the finite greatness of the objects we possess on this earth! Very good thoughts man.

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