What the heck is a glory cloud, you ask? It is simply a physical manifestation of God’s glory and presence within a particular location. It is known as the “pillar of cloud” more specifically in the OT as a means of guiding the Israelites in the morning as they traveled (Exodus 13:21-22). However, it’s not something that you can simply manufacture or produce like a product. Whenever God chooses to reveal his glory in some physical way, it is something that He sovereignly does. There is nothing we can do except invite and be open to His miraculous work. Bethel is a church that claims to somewhat regularly experience these miraculous manifestations. Check it out here:

Cool, right? Well yeah, but not all Christians think its real:

It could be from the vents or it could be staged from gold glitter. So what should you think about this? If you’re an atheist, this might as well be a barbie girl’s church service. But I think as Christians, we have at least some biblical support for believing that this is possible. Who’s to say that God is not capable of physically manifesting Himself in these ways? However, it’s one thing to suggest that God is not capable and it is another to question whether this specific event is a real manifestation. Frankly, I don’t think we can scientifically prove it either way. If this is real, then God is clearly using physical means of doing so. Merely describing the physical structure of this manifestation wouldn’t rule out a divine cause of this structure anymore than describing the physical structure of a computer rules out a human cause.

As far as this video’s response goes, I haven’t seen any conclusive proof that this is staged/accidental but neither do I see any conclusive proof that it is real. He says that this is due to a vent, but where are his sources? Furthermore, while he makes a valid point about how serious the presence of God is, it seems as if the Israelites weren’t falling on their knees as God led them. This seems to be a less powerful manifestation of God’s glory, otherwise he would be correct. I’m open, but I remain skeptical.